Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Mommy "Style" : 
Oliver took the photo today!

I think this first time in months that I have worn a white t-shirt and not gotten a stain on it.  

Accomplishment:  I figured out a budget for the family and I'm working on how I can implement it for us without breaking it.  I'm loosely following Dave Ramsey.  I've been writing down in a little notebook what I spend in a typical month.  And I mean everything, tolls, meals out, coffee (too much coffee) and trying to figure out a reasonable amount to spend each month.  We have enough money, but it seems like I'm not spending it wisely.  

High/Low: High: We managed to get through Wal-Mart today without any epic meltdowns.  And usually Wal-Mart meltdowns are on my part.  That store completely overwhelms me! Low:My aunt died yesterday.  We weren't close, but she was a special lady and she reminded me so much of my mom who I miss.  I know that she's in a better place.  I've lost my faith, but I want to believe in Heaven.  I would like to attend the funeral, but I know it will be in Pittsburgh, and I'm not sure if I can make the drive by myself and the three kids.  I have the feeling that my dad would like to come with me.  But I don't know if I'm willing to do that. 

Activity:  We went to Wal-Mart this morning and I bought silly-string for the kids.  Oliver likes to call it webs like Spider-Man.  We spent time slinging webs all over the front yard.  The kids loved it.

Phillip likes the texture

Fredrick is intrigued by his brothers.

Here is a picture of the tye-dyed shirts from yesterday

Menu: Breakfast : bagel and banana.  Lunch: Pastrami sandwich with watermelon.  The kids had watermelon and Angry Birds graham crackers. Dinner: Bratwurst, mac n cheese, and steamed zucchini.  A

Other: I started a garden this summer for a variety of reasons: 1. earn hipster/crunchy cred by growing my own produce. 2. Prove to myself that I didn't have a black or even a brown thumb.  3.  Know what was going to the soil of my plants so in turn I could know what I was eating. 4. Curious George did it and of course, my children wanted to do it.

Half of my garden has done really great.  I've gotten a bunch of tomatoes and the arugula did really well until it got too hot and the plants bolted.  However, most of the garden hasn't.  The strawberries haven't really produced much.  My peppers are complete duds.  And the squash.  Oh my goodness the squash.  I accidently over crowded a bed, so I'll take some blame on that, but I swear everything that can go wrong with it has.  I had manged to get this fungus that only comes out when it has been really rainy.  So far this year, my city has gotten a record amount of rain and when it isn't rainy it is very humid.  Then I get some other form of fungus that is hurting the leaves of the plant.  And now I have either grubs or caterpillars that are eating the fruit and the blossoms.  It is very frustrating.  However, when I get squash from these plants it is amazing.  I know that I'm going to do this again next summer, but I need to figure out how to plant so that the bugs do get to eat everything!

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