Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Two in One

I'm going to do both Tuesday and Wednesday in the same post.  

Why?  Not really laziness, but I think I want to update the day on the actual day.  I think what will happen when Matt comes home and I have somebody to spend the evening with, I'll probably do the update in the afternoon, unless we get really busy doing a craft or activity.  We'll see.  Either way, I'll try to always a post for the day either that day or the next and in a year's time there will be roughly 365 posts.  

Mommy "Style":  

I will admit that both days are pretty much blah.  Typical boring suburban mom crap.  I feel that I should be trying harder or something, but really who is looking at me.  I do care about how I look, but at the same time I'm not going anywhere where it matters.  Yesterday, I went to Home Depot and to excellent local pie shop. Today I went to Target.  And I didn't even plan on going to there!!  And since I didn't plan on going anywhere even remotely interesting or special why should I wear "nice" clothes.  Yes I know the quote attributed to Coco Chanel (paraphrasing) that one should always dress up and wear make up because one never knows what might happen and who one might meet.  But seriously, who am I going to meet when I'm going to the Target in my town?  At least, there are no pajama bottoms.  (But it gets cooler, please realize that there will totally be some yoga pants).

Accomplishments: Mowed the yard and vacuumed the upstairs. Dealt with a super whiny 2 year old.

High/Low: High: Seeing my sweet Phillip again.  I really do miss him when he's not here.  Low: Feeling broke.

Activity: Yesterday, the baby and I went to Home Depot.  Today, I picked up Phillip from MaMoo and Wita's.  I was also supposed to pick up Oliver, but he wanted to stay longer and since there isn't a good reason for him to come home,  I let him stay.  I try to say yes when it doesn't matter.  Sometimes it does.  I don't like to buy toys mindlessly or let him eat mindlessly or let him destroy things.  

Menu: Tuesday: Breakfast: bagel.  Lunch: egg salad sandwich and peaches.  Dinner: bbq brisket, baked beans and coleslaw.  Strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert.  Wednesday: Breakfast: bagel.  Lunch: skipped Dinner: pizza, salad, and strawberries.  Phillip asked for piAzza and since I'm trying the whole say yes thing again, we had a frozen pizza.  He was more into the celery (from my salad) and strawberries than the pizza.

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