I am currently a Stay at Home Mom, who rarely stays at home during the week.  I suppose that I waste natural resources going to the park, the grocery store, a preschool on the other side of town, and other places, but staying at home makes me a little crazy!

I have three great boys: Oliver 4, Phillip 2 and Fredrick: 7 months.

I enjoy reading, knitting, watching TV, and pretending to garden.  Most of my reading these days seems to be on my smartphone rather than a real book.  I generally like to read mysteries, British authors, and not quite Chick Lit.  I did like to play Candy Crush, but since I've been stuck on the same level for the past 3 weeks, I've deleted it from my phone.  I will probably re-install in a few days, but I'm mad at the game.

At one time I was a high school World History teacher.  I would like to return to that job one day.

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