Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Another Mommy blog.   And the internet rejoiced!!!

Welcome to another mommy blog.  I figured I would start one because there are only 3.49 billion mommyblogs in the world that there was room for me.

Anyway, I want a place to force me to think about my day.  I'm going to try to blog once a day for a year.  And then we'll see what happens after that. And I have a format for the blog too.

The plan is to have five parts:

1.  Mommy "style".  I've started following fashion blogs like Kendi Everyday and putting me together and I really like how they take pictures of themselves to see patterns in how they dress.  I'd like to start to see patterns in how I dress so I can find clothes I both like and that fit.  When I stopped working, I started to dress like crap.  I would start out with my outfit today, but it is rather sad: washed out denim shorts and a lame Old Navy t-shirt.  So starting tomorrow you will see lame Target clothing. And selfies using the mirror or pictures taken by my 4 year old son.

2. My accomplishment(s) of the day.  Today's would be putting away the laundry that I started on Saturday. And getting all of the boys asleep before 8:15 pm!

3.  High/Low:  The high for the day was that there were no baby melt-downs after dinner.  The low would be ripping out an entire afternoon's knitting.  Not that it really was much, but still....

4.  Activity for the day:  Generally will be something that the kids and I did during the day either inside or outside of the house.  It's been raining all day so it was mostly running around the house and playing with play-doh.

5.  Menu for the day:  I really need to keep on track with what we eat and when.  I'm having a hard time remembering last week  so I think it will help keep the argument of when DID we last eat pork chops down to a minimum.  Today: Breakfast: oatmeal, Lunch: hotdogs, strawberries, and chips.  Dinner: Waffles, bratwurst, and watermelon.

Other parts will be how my garden is doing, Pinterest things I do, random thoughts about the news, etc....

A little about me:  I have three great kids: Oliver: 4, Philip: 2, and Fredrick: 7 months.  So, this isn't a brand new mom gushing about how awesome her kid is, but rather a mom who is gushing about how awesome her THREE kids are.  I'm currently a stay at home mom.  I'd like to go back to work when my youngest is in kindergarten.  I'm married to a great guy and we currently live in a suburb of a large city in the Southeastern United States.

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