Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 6

1.  Mommy Style

These are my favorite shorts right now.  I like the length and the way they fit.  The picture doesn't really make them look that great, but I feel nice in them.  And I like the color of the shirt with the shorts.  I feel like the lighting is off in the pictures or else I really have problems with color.  

2.  Accomplishments:  I started to try to knit my scarf again.  It fell off the needles, again.  That is getting really frustrating.  And  I cut my hair.  It was down to my waist and I cut off about 3 inches.  It's not really enough to notice, but the ends no longer feel like straw so that is a good thing.

3.  High/Low:  High, I have done another update on this blog.  Usually by the fourth post, I've lost interest so this is pretty neat.  Low:  The stupid freaking knitting.  I really want to make and show off this scarf.  It will (hopefully) look really neat when it is done.  Other low: my favorite pizza place has closed down and it did it in March!  Yeah, I know we moved away but still it was so yummy and cheesy and the sauce...sigh... Oh, well didn't need to drive 40 minutes for pizza anyways...

4.  Activities for the day:  Hair cut and driving to pizza.  All day rain.  Or it would clear up for a few minutes and I'd think "Yay! The rain has stopped!"  10 minutes later, downpour.  So we've been stuck inside for another day.  Monday all of this rain is supposed to stop.  I really hope so.

5. Menu: Breakfast: oatmeal, Lunch: buffalo chicken sandwiches (deli meat from Boar's Head) Dinner: Pizza.  Husband and I had white pizza.  The boys had pepperoni.

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