Bucket List

Believe it or not, I actually have some "fashion" posts coming up, but right now I want to talk about Bucket Lists.  Normally, I think that Bucket lists are kinda lame.  But since we moved to Seattle and I bought a travel guide for Seattle, I've been thinking that maybe creating one would be interesting.  

This list is not complete.

Space Needle (Competed Jan 4, 2014)

Aquarium (Completed Dec   28, 2013)

Pike Market 

Woodland Park Zoo

Watch Salmon run

Go Whale Watching

Alki Beach

Discovery Park  (Completed Feb 22, 2014)

Gas Works Park

Seaward Park


Botanical Gardens (there are two.  One is in Seattle and one is in Bellevue)

Seattle Art Museum

Frye Museum

Science Center

Children's Museum

Olympic Art Garden

Native American  museum

Asian Art Museum

Pioneer Square gallery

A show at one of the early venues Nirvana played at

Kurt Cobain pilgrimage

Visit Jimi Hendrix's grave

Eat Geoduck

Visit the first Starbucks.

Major sporting event

Wander around Fremont and find: the troll, Lenin, the rocket, and other street art.

Visit Mt. Rainer, the Olympic Mountains, and the North Cascades.  (not in the same trip though).

There are some things I'd like to add: like find the good restaurant, the main road race for the city and participate, and some of the other pop culture stuff, find a really awesome coffee place, and shop the more interesting boutiques.  These ones are more nebulous but when I figure out what the are I'd like to do them.   

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