Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Long Day

Mommy "Style"  

 I'm getting better at posing and setting up a shot.  However, I do realize that I need to get a higher tripod or even a real one since I'm using my desk and a couple of books.  I wouldn't mind including my face but the current setup gives me a pinhead and makes my body look weirdly disproportionate.*      A better backdrop would be nice too.  Unfortunately, this house is a rental and all of the walls are flat paint and I have children.  I swear looking at the walls gives them stains.  I will never have a house with flat paint again.

Accomplishment: I paid bills.  Seriously, I'm not doing anything I'd put on the list of above and beyond regular daily stuff.

High/Low:  Low:  Phillip woke up at 5:30.  The rest of the family woke up at 6:15.  This is about 1 1/2 before our normal wake up time.  It hurt.  High:    Phillip pooped.  He didn't poop in the potty, BUT he did neatly pick up the mess, put it in the potty and tell me so I could disinfect the floor.  

Activities:  We went to the park and tie-dyed a t-shirt for each boy.  The shirts aren't done yet, but I'm hoping to get a picture tomorrow and post it.  After the park, I stopped by our old house.  It's for sale, under contract, but we decided to move before closing.  The house felt so empty and forlorn which it is.  I loved that house.  It was were I got married from, where I found out I was pregnant 3 times, brought home 3 amazing boys, and where so many happy memories were made.  In some ways, I miss that house soooooo much.  I like our new area, but I really miss our old house.

Menu: Breakfast: I had a cream cheese crossiant, the kids watermelon and 1/4 bagel.  Lunch: sandwiches with watermelon.  Dinner: Pork chops, oven roasted sweet potato, and corn on the cob.  

*At least, I think I have normally proportionate body.  Maybe I don't... and that's why the pictures look weird. Probably not though.  

Some extra cuteness

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