Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Menu Musings

I forgot to add the menu for the past few days.  

It's been a little heavy on eating out... but I did do some Pinterest inspired things.

Sunday we had cilantro thai chicken.

I think I used a bit too much soy sauce and it turned out way too salty.  I used the broiler rather than a grill too.  I think the taste direct fire charing would added something to the flavor.

Monday evening I made pesto spinwheels to go with our baked ziti.

I made it according to the directions under the pin, which said to use crescent roll dough and pesto.  I under baked the crescent rolls,  so it was also icky.  But I will try it again when I have a tomato sauce pasta.  

Tuesday: Mexican out.  Yesterday, I don't know what happened but I was completely drained and didn't want to cook.  

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