Friday, July 12, 2013

July 11

Project list for the blog:  

1. Get my own personalized heading/footer thing. 
2. Get the buttons for Pintrest, Twitter, and maybe Instragram
3. Learn how to take better pictures and/or get photo editing software so that my stuff looks both better and more professional.  

Why most (all) of the project list won't  get done:  

1. Laziness.  I'm sure there is an ehow on adding those things and I'm sure that personalized stuff is available for purchase on Etsy but that would require EFFORT and that is something lacking in my life outside of my pet projects.  However, this blog is slowing becoming a pet project.  So, that means eventually I want it to be better and then I'll have to make it good enough.  Unfortunately, good enough is never good enough. (And I LOVE the website.  Megan Francis is one of the best bloggers to make me think).  I really hope that I'll get the widgets for both Pintrest and Twitter going; so, I guess I'll be checking out ehow!

2. ADD.  I don't think I really have it, but I do get distracted on the computer.  I've never really worked using the computer.  When I was in college and when I taught, I did most of my drafting using pen and paper.  The computer was for the finished product and as a result I've never really needed to force myself to do only one thing on the stupid internet and not get lost in the sea of cat videos.  Just looking for the right post from  sucked me into the archives and then I'm not sure that I found the exactly right post.

3.  Time: At this point, I'd still rather go look at cat memes rather than writing. But I'm getting there.

There is some introspection before we get to the rather uninspired clothing choices from yesterday.

1.  Mommy Style:

I love the color combo of brown and blue.  And I'm a sucker for horizontal stripes. 

2.  Accomplishments:  When grocery store shopping and only bought about 3 extraneous/splurge items.  And I'm not counting the donuts that make up the grocery store tax.

3.  High/Low:  High: Getting the kids to bed in a timely manner.  Low:  Bad behavior from Oliver in the morning when he didn't listen to his father, so my husband left for work in a bad mood.

4.  Activity: Lots of pretend play with dragons, knights, and Spider-Man

5. Dinner: homemade chicken enchalitias with avocado salad.

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