Sunday, July 28, 2013

A weekend

Matt came home and I decided to spend time with him rather than updating.  So here's another double shot:

Mommy "Style":

I really have no excuse for the less than stellar quality of the shots.  In both, I'm trying to do it quickly.  

Again, I really need to start doing the pictures earlier in the day before stains and tiredness set in.

Accomplishments: I mowed the grass again today.  And yesterday, I cooked a couple of new things.

High/Low:  High: Phillip pooped IN the potty today! So proud of him.  And I yes, I realize this is why the world at large mocks mommy bloggers.  I know that the vast majority of people poop where they should on a regular basis and that my child will join those ranks soon.  But if you're asking about a high point of my day, then yes having my middle child poop where he should is pretty amazing.  Low:  I have noticed that my kids have gotten WAY too much screen time recently and I'm not sure why.  It hasn't been too hot, I haven't been playing Candy Crush at all, but there has been a lot of screen time.  I need to figure out both why I'm letting them watch too much t.v and play too many computer games and how to combat the too much screen time.  And I know to some extant, I encourage or at least give approval to screen time.  So, this is something I need to work on myself.

Activities: Saturday, we went to Target in the morning and then came home and watched our new Curious George dvd. And I wonder why my kids watch a lot television.  Today, we played some in the house, my father came over for lunch and to discuss our plans for the trip north to Pennsylvania.  And I mowed the grass.  I then took the baby out and we ran some errands.  I love taking only one kid out.  It's like a vacation.

Menu: Saturday: Breakfast: bagels  Lunch: Pizza Dinner: Roast chicken seasoned with curry power, wholeish wheat biscuits (half white flour half whole wheat flour), sauteed zuchinni.  Hopefully, I can get the recipes posted tomorrow or the next day.  Sunday: Breakfast: biscuits Lunch:  Curried chicken salad sandwiches, cherries, and chips.  The kids had hot dogs and grapes.   Dinner: lasagna cupcakes with mixed vegetable tomato sauce and the pesto croissant roll ups.   AA 

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