Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inspiration from the zoo

Mommy "Style": 

A few years ago, I went to our local zoo and there were some flamingo chicks when you walk in.  They were these small fluffy baby birds in the most amazing shade of grey.  That summer my child and I went to the zoo A LOT! And we watched the tiny baby flamingo chicks grow into larger flamingo chicks who started to go grey and pink with black accents.  Ever since then, I have thought that grey and pink are super awesome colors together.  Looking at Pinterest, so do other people.  One of my goals starting this year has been to step outside of my comfort level in terms of clothes.  And while I realize that there is nothing that is particularly daring in this outfit, I would have never bought a pair of pink shorts (and I also have some pink pants) if it wasn't for this goal of mine.  

Accomplishment:  I went to my favorite grocery store to buy excellent fruit and vegetables and dairy products, and lunch meat, and regular meat and only spend $16!  I bought just a few things.  And before I should get too proud about this accomplishment, I know that I'm going back on Monday and will probably spend a little too much then.

High/Low:  High: Phillip is working on potty training, and we didn't have any accidents inside the house! Low: However, Phillip escaped outside... and there waiting for me on the front sidewalk was poop.  (I know you were waiting for poop to come up in a mommy blog). That was not awesome!

Activities: We went to park and played with some of our friends.  It was nice in the shade, but ugh it's hot.  Luckily, not as hot as the Northeast and honestly not as hot as it was last year but the sun is very bright and the humidity is unreal and there is no breeze.  It stinks!  And then we went to the grocery store.

Menu: Breakfast: bagel.  Phillip had left over pizza.  Lunch: ham and cheese croissant. Dinner: chicken thighs, sauteed zucchini with Parmesan  cheese, and a 1/2 bagel.  Phillip was the one who suggest the bagel.  Since I hadn't planned on a starch, it seemed like a great addition and it was. 

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