Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feeling put together

Mommy "Style"
I bought some white shorts at Old Navy on Sunday.  And I thought I would step outside of my regular fashion zone and buy them.  I also needed to get approval from my sister because I did.  I wore them yesterday and felt really put together and stylish.  

Accomplishment: I knitted another square, and this time it didn't f up.

High/Low:  High: Spending time with just baby Fredrick.  Low:  I almost messed up new square.

Activities:  I went to doctor in the morning.  Everything checked out the way the I hoped. I then went looking at the Container Store and Barnes and Noble.  I love a bookstore.  Even though, I've been buying books on my kindle, I still like going into the store looking at the different pictures, reading random chapters.  It is awesome.

Menu:  Breakfast: banana and tea.  Lunch: A cuban sandwich in pie form and cole slaw.  Dinner: 1/2 bagel, chicken and cheese roll up, and a salad.  I tend to eat really random things when I don't have to cook for the family.

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