Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Three in One!

Sooo... uhh.... I took a break from a 365 blog.  It wasn't my fault though.   On Sunday, I decided that updating during the evening was not a good idea, because then I couldn't spend time with my husband.  So, I didn't update.  Then on Monday when I went to update, Phillip, destroyer of keyboards, destroyed the keyboard.  At any rate, I'm back and I even have photos for the past few days!

Mommy "Style":  (PS I put the style in quotes, because really I have very little style.) 


Of these outfits, I like the shorts on Monday, the top on Sunday, and the trendiness of black and white on Tuesday.  Granted, I think that I look huge on Tuesday.

Accomplishments:  I actually got a square knitted in the scarf I'm working on.  That accomplishment felt pretty huge!!!  I got a trellis for the cucumbers and a some cages for the pumpkins.  So far this year, I've had some good luck with my garden.

High/Low:  High:  knitting stuff.  Low:  keyboard troubles.

Activities:  Sunday: we went to Home Depot and I was able to go on a run.  It was hot and I was slow, but I'm glad I went.  Monday: Oliver has camp this week, so he went there. And the two younger ones and I went to the park for a bit.  After camp, the boys and I went to my sister's house to go swimming and visit with my cousin who was visiting from Philadelphia.   Tuesday: Camp, and Target.  Normal stuff.  Then at home playing with the new Play-doh extruder thing. 

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