Sunday, July 14, 2013

I've done a whole week!

And now I'll have a muffin (top, if I keep eating muffins)

Mommy "Style": 

I need to figure out what do with my hands in a pose.  Modeling is not something I certainly ever planned on.

Accomplishment:  I cleaned out my car.  I try to empty out the crap: paper, Starbucks cups, and other random crap on a regular basis, but boy did my car ever need a deep clean.  It didn't get the really deep detailed job it needs, but I emptied out all of the trash, kids toys and shoes.  I washed the windows and mirrors.  And I found another use for baking soda: it can buff out minor marks on the car! I wish I had taken pictures because I'd totally put that on Pinterest. I also tried using toothpaste to clear up headlights, but it didn't work particularly well.

High/Low:  High: getting some basic house stuff done.  Low: I realized after my kids went to sleep that I used my phone a little to much during the day.

Activity:  We stayed home all day.  And we didn't do much.  All of the kids were acting extra tired and a little sick so we just stayed home and hung out.  

Menu: Breakfast: oatmeal, Lunch: hotdogs for the kids.  I had leftovers.  Dinner: Mongolian Beef.  This the second time I've made this recipe.  It is pretty easy and tasty, but I'm still not getting the beef quite right.  Either my strips aren't thin enough or I need to cut them differently, but that part isn't right.  And the coating isn't quite right either, the texture is off.

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