Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Mommy "Style":  

I didn't take a picture for yesterday.  I guess that I felt blah or something.  At any rate, I wore the shorts from Sunday and the peach/pink shirt that I've worn several times.

And here is today's

You know when I look at other women out and about, I think to myself wow I'm not really that plump.  I think that a several sizes smaller than I am.  And then, I see myself in any a mirror or in a reflection of door or these pictures, or even worse I look at pants; and then I wonder who in the hell is that fat lady.  Or when did I get so huge.  I know in the grand scheme of things that I'm not that fat.  But on days like today, I just feel plumb.

Accomplishment: I dropped of stuff at the preschool for Oliver and Phillip.  I've been hanging onto the forms for awhile.  And then I didn't buy a coffee this afternoon, have to stay on budget.  I really want to make this budget thing work.

Activities:   Yesterday, we went to a puppet show at the library.  Oliver and Phillip had a great time.  I've never heard Oliver laugh that much at anything.  Today, we went to the preschool, Old Navy and Target.  And managed to lose another toy of Phillip's.  Losing toys is getting frustrating.

Menu: Yesterday: Breakfast: oatmeal Lunch: left overs for me. hot dogs and berries for the kids.  Dinner:  Tri-tip roast with rice and Brussels sprouts.  I love Brussels sprouts.  Today: Breakfast: oatmeal. Lunch: Moes.  The kids had tacos, and I had a burrito.  Dinner: Spinach quiche and a side salad.  

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