Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another two trips around the sun

Mommy "Style":  Yoga pants and t-shirts.  It's been a very blah weekend here.  See why in the activities section.

Accomplishments AND High/Low: A 5k on Saturday and sucessfully weathering some puke Sunday morning. Phil was sick Sunday morning.  Not for real sick, but he threw up twice in the morning.  I think breakfast was sitting on his stomach wrong and up it came.  It was pretty gross.

Activities: 5K for me in the morning followed by chicken and fries for lunch, and then we dropped Oliver off with the grandparents for the evening.  My mother-in-law got some bad news on Friday. Oliver was more than happy to provide a distraction for them.  Sunday started out great, and then around 8 Phil vomited.  And then he did it again at 9:30.  So we didn't go to the birthday party for one of his classmates.  I think I was more disappointed then he was.  Phil is always tagging along after Oliver and it seems that he hasn't been able to develop his own interests and friends.  And then I remember he's 2 and one day he'll like things completely different from Oliver.  There are already some differeces, but he still seems to follow whatever Oliver wants to do.  And the baby does too.  At 4:30, I picked up Oliver and we had a little mom and son time on the way home.  It was a great weekend (except for the puke)

Menu: Saturday: oatmeal, chicken and fries, Swedish meatballs with pasta and broccoli  Sunday: cheerios, tuna melts, and pizza for dinner.

Gratitude:  That overall, my kids are healthy.  And that when they do get sick, it is short lived and normal childhood illness stuff like rotovirus.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013


My birthday was last month and I've adjust and add to my current 5 year plan.


1.  A fully funded emergency fund.  I think we'll have one once Matt's bonus comes in from his new job.

2. Pay off my student loans.  At our current rate of repayment, we should be done by in about 3 years,

3. Increase  Matt's retirement contribution.

4.  When I go back to work, (assuming we don't need the money in the budget), use most of the money for retirement.

5.Start college funds for the kids.

6.  Have enough money for a decent cash car in 3-4 years.  


1. Run a 10k

2. Run a sub 30 5k

3. Run a half-marathon

4. Have abs again

5. Be at the weight I was when I go married.  That one isn't too hard, I've only got about 4lbs to go.  If I really work on my running and making sure that the crap food levels aren't too high, this one should be pretty easy.

Family Life:

1.  Get everybody sleeping in their own beds.

2. Find an activity that all of us are willing to do, and do it.  Bonus points if it is something outside.

3.  Settle into Seattle reasonably well.

4. See family and friends back in Atlanta regularly.


1. Continue blogging.

2. Find a pair of jeans that fit really really well.

3. Start crafting again.  The internet is way too interesting and I know I need to stop reading it on my phone after the kids go to bed.

4. Work towards a diet that is mostly fruit and vegetable with meat as flavoring and starches are lightly used.

5. Work on my sugar addiction.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The lost week

So last week and this week were exactly the same except the food for dinner that was eaten.  I'm going to combine them because it really was more of the same.

Mommy "style":  

Everyday except yoga pant Tuesday: Jeans and t-shirts or this week since it has been cold jeans and a sweater.

Yoga pant Tuesday: yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Accomplishment:  I've worked on getting all of the different people informed of our move to Seattle.  Matt's company is paying for the whole thing.  This is going to be awesome.  AND THEY/RE PAYING for PACKING.  Even more awesomeness.  And I've been looking for rentals in Seattle which is somewhat daunting.

High/Low: High: Fred is so close to walking and it is super cute.  Low:  I've been lazy about updating this blog.  Sorry, but I really haven't been doing anything so it seems kinda pointless.

Activities: After school, we've been playing on the playground and then coming home and doing housework.  I try to run errands during school hours or at least go for a run which takes up almost all of the preschool time.

Menu: Nothing exciting.

Gratitude: Thankful for the men and women who serve our country both here and aboard.  I'm also grateful that most people recognize the sacrifice that these people make.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blah, or nothing special weekend edition

Mommy "Style"

Saturday: jeans and a t-shirt
Sunday: yoga pants and a t-shirt

I'm a super sharp dresser.

Accomplishment: Leaving the house with the boys and having a good time, mostly.

High/Low:  High: It was sooo pretty all weekend.  If I didn't live through the colors, I wouldn't realize they were real.  It has been the most amazing fall.  I haven't taken pictures because my skill and my camera aren't really up to the super fancy arty pictures.  Although, if I knew how to use it, I think that my camera could take those types of pictures. Low: Oliver had some problems on the playground on Saturday.

Activities:  Saturday we went to the park and then the super awesome YDFM.  I love that store and I'll miss it when we move to Seattle.  I have a feeling that once we move that I'll miss all sorts of things about Atlanta.  And this blog might shift into a way to keep with our families back here.  Or maybe, I'll keep this a private (I do realize it's public) place.  Sunday, I know we left the house but I having a hard time remember just what we did.

Menu: Saturday: waffles, lunch was food from the grocery store.  Dinner: BBQ from our favorite bbq place.  Yes, I did spend 130 on groceries and then go out to eat dinner.  Sunday: bagels, lunch: sandwiches, Dinner: amberjack with veg.

Gratitude:    That I live in a world where I can buy fruit, vegetables, and dairy products out of season. It is amazing.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick or Update

Another week, another week of fashionable mommy dressing or not.

Mommy "Style"



I don't what it is about Tuesday that makes me want to put on yoga pants and call it a day, but I do.

Wednesday: Jeans and a t-shirt



Accomplishment: Nothing major.  Just some cleaning stuff, and really I've not be good at keeping up with the daily cleaning stuff.  I get tired/bored/frustrated over picking up the same mess over and over again.  Picking up after the kids, doing dishes, the 20th poop or pee accident this week.  I try to think of cleaning as a process, but seriously when I have to pick up the same freaking mess for the 3rd time in 2 hours, I get a little annoyed and that makes me not want to clean up the rest of the house.I guess I need to re-adjust my thought process again.

High/Low: High: I love going trick or treating with the kids.  Oliver and Phil loved running up to the door and ringing the bell and saying "trick or treat".  Oliver was also very sweet and kind to his younger brother: he waited until Phil got to the door to ring the bell and helped him up and down the stairs, all unprompted by either Matt or me.  It was awesome.   Low: Fred has been whining.  He really wants to "help" me do whatever I'm doing and I don't like it.

Activities: A lot of errand running.  I had to get new tags for the cars and since I was wait until the last minute that meant going to the tag office, going to Target, the grocery store, etc... We played on the playground after school almost everyday this week so the kids got a lot of energy out.  And on Halloween we  went trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Menu: breakfast: oatmeal most days, yesterday eggs.  lunch: sandwiches.  Dinner: Monday: Sausage, rice, and spinach.   Tuesday: Meatloaf, zuchinni, and rice. Wednesday: Chicken, mac-n-cheese, and broccoli.  Thursday: frozen pizza.  Friday: tacos

PS. I never really liked Halloween as a kid.  I guess because my mother didn't like it, but having kids who love to dress up makes me really appreciate it's qualities.

Pictures from Halloween

Gratitude:  I'm thankful my husband has a great job that can support us.

Playing on the Farm

Mommy "Style"

Saturday: Jeans and t-shirt

Sunday: Jeans and a slightly nicer shirt

Accomplishments: I am another year older, grayer, and wiser?  Saturday, I also started AND finished 5 loads of laundry.  I've decided that most of the household laundry needs to be done in one day or over the weekend.  It makes me happy not to constantly do a load a day.  Sunday I went for another 6k. And it was awesome.

Activities: Saturday Phil, Fred and I went to the park in the afternoon after a day of hanging out.  Sunday, we went to a farm near my sister's house. My sister, niece, and her boyfriend were also there. The kids played in a bounce house, a corn crib/pit, sandbox, a huge jumping pillow, and we did two corn mazes.  It was a lot of fun. And then we went back to her house for dinner and cake to celebrate both of our birthdays.

High/Low: High: We had a great time on the farm doing stuff.  It was a lot of fun.  Low: not much.  The ever present whining that comes with having young children.  I realize that sounds mean or something.  But right now, for whatever reason Phil especially is not sleeping well which means that I'm not sleeping well which makes me grumpy and tired and so the normal whining kids do seems like more because I'm not able to cope with it.  And yes, Matt does help but still he wants me.

Menu: Since it was my birthday weekend, I did only things that I like to eat.  Saturday: pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  Lunch was turkey sandwiches.  Dinner: Lasagna that turned out awesome.  Sunday: eggs, toast, and avacado.  Lunch: hot dogs with fruit and chips.  Dinner: crockpot chicken, homemade mac-n-cheese, and green bean with chocolate cake and butterscotch frosting.

Pictures from the farm:

Riding a horse swing

Corn, lots of corn

Family pic


Fred wants on.

Gratitude:  Since it's November, and I should think about about the good things in my life for each post of the month, I'll be saying something I'm grateful for.  It will (mostly) Arevolve around my children.  

I am grateful for my health.