Thursday, July 25, 2013

Washed Out

Mommy "Style":   

This is seriously a boring, washed out, faded outfit.  In my defense, I didn't leave the house wearing this outfit.  We went swimming this morning and then were just at home for the rest of the day (and all of my workout stuff was dirty).

Accomplishment:  Got the house cleaned up (mostly) for Matt's return home tomorrow.  

High/Low: High: The pool this morning was wonderful.   Low: I managed to get sunburned on my neck, and I thought I applied enough sunscreen.

Activities:  Swimming in the morning, hanging out at home in the afternoon.

Menu: Breakfast:  Bagels.  We've eaten them all up so we're going back to oatmeal every morning until I go either the awesome DeKalb Farmer's Market, which isn't that kind of farmer's market, or we go to Costco.  Lunch:  Sandwiches, graham crackers, and fruit.  I ate an amazing melon called lemon drop melon.  I think if it grows in my area, I'm going to plant it next year, and hope for the best. Dinner: Pizza and strawberries.  I don't like to cook when I need to clean.  Adding mess when I'm trying to clean it up annoys me.

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