Saturday, August 31, 2013

Second half of the week

Mommy "Style":  Thursday, I looked nice, white shorts and a purple(ish) tank top.  Before I could get pictures, marker on my shorts.  GRRRR.  Luckily, the shorts are washable.


Another repeat.  I will be sad when I retire these shorts.  But then again, they do nothing for my butt.  

Accomplishment: I finally finished the laundry.  And it was nice for the twenty minutes that it lasted.  I also almost got the house cleaned.  That was nice while it lasted.  Living with 3 mini tornadoes and a housekeeper who doesn't like to clean means a not very clean house at times.

High/Low: High:  I love picking up the kids from school.  The big hugs are so nice.  Low: I haven't gotten a good night's sleep.  I'm running of coffee most of the time, and that doesn't really make feel like doing anything.  And it gives me the jitters sometimes.  

Activities: Thursday: the younger two kids and I went for a run while Oliver was in school.  And then ate lunch.  After lunch, Phil decided that he'd go for a run too.

 He went complete with head phones, just like Daddy.  

After school, we came home and did nothing.  Oliver liked that.

Friday: During school, Fred and I came home, he napped and I screwed around on my phone.  I also got some of the cleaned, but didn't get finished all the way.  After school, since it has been a good week with minimal complaints about school, we went to the toy store.  Oliver got Angry Birds in Space the game.  He played it for hours, setting  up the different ways to knock everything down, knocking it down.  It was a good toy. Phil got a knight that goes with the Imginex castle.  I don't know if that was as good of a toy. 

Menu: Wednesday: bagel, sausage biscuits from McDonalds's.  (Don't judge too harshly.  I've been craving them and I doubt that I'll eat any again any time soon.) Chili for dinner.  Thursday: bagels, sandwiches, fried chicken with buttermilk biscuits and spinach.  

So, both the fried chicken and the biscuits came from Pinterest.  

Here's the fried chicken

I didn't like it.  It was greasy, the coating was weird, and honestly with the price of the chicken and buttermilk, I'd rather go to Popeyes and get to me better chicken.

And since I had left over buttermilk and I don't like buttermilk pancakes that much, I had a recipe for biscuits too.

They weren't as awesome as the blog made them out too be.  Some of it was my fault.  I didn't roll the dough as thick as it needed to be so they came out flat.  But the recipe included, honey and I didn't like the flavor.  It was off or strange and weird to me and I think I'll keep my current recipe.

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