Sunday, August 11, 2013

A week in one

After this I hope to return to regular postings.

Mommy "style": Repeats of stuff I've worn before.  I plan taking pictures again, because hey it was fun to see the patterns in what I wore.

Accomplishment: We haven't really done much, but I have posted about my trip and keeping up with this blog.  I'm pretty proud of it, I usually lose interest much sooner.

High/Low: High: The kids have been sleeping really well at night, so Matt and I have had some really nice quality time.  Low:  I deleted Angry Birds in a fit of frustration because the kids want to continually be on my phone rather than playing or being active.  I don't mind that they play games.  I play games, I probably spend too much time on my phone.  But seriously, all Oliver has wanted to do was play Angry Birds.  It isn't good, so I deleted it. I'll put it back on my phone in a bit, but the kids need a break.  

Activities:  On Wednesday, we went to Costco.  They already had out their Halloween costumes and the start of some Christmas stuff.  Christmas! It's freaking August 11!  I will buy the kids their Halloween costumes there, but not yet because I know they'll want to wear them for dress-up and I'd the costumes to be nice enough to wear on Halloween.  Thursday we went to the park.  Friday, we stayed home.  And Saturday, we stayed home and played with moon sand.  That was both fun and messy.  

Menu:  Nothing new.  I can't remember what we've eaten so it must have been regular food.

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