Friday, August 9, 2013

Part 2: Actually in Pittsburgh!

Mommy "style":  Mostly repeats.  I'll start taking pictures again.  Here is what I wore to the Memorial Service.

It isn't the greatest outfit in the world.  I look at people who know how to dress and find clothes that fit them, and I wonder where they buy their clothes or what their secret is to make Target clothes look great.  This blog really has helped me think about my clothes and want to look better.  I don't want to look like crap, but don't want to invest the money/TIME to find things that fit.  And it's hard to find things that fit when you have little kids that don't want to go shopping! Maybe when school starts back, I'll be able to do some shopping and find better things.  I slowly want to replace my wardrobe.  

High/Low:  High: Spending time with my family and a friend who lives in Pittsburgh.  Low: My aunt's memorial service.  She was a remarkable person, every stranger was a friend she hadn't met yet.  And organized and soo neat.  I wish I had known her better.  And the kids were very poorly behaved during the service.

Accomplishment: Does keeping my cool with my kids count?  It was a long a trip.  If it doesn't, then I managed to get back to the trolley/train system in Pittsburgh after the Pirates game by myself.

Activities:  Saturday: the Memorial Service, lunch, Pirates game.  Sunday: riding the Duquesne Incline, lunch with my friend, nap at the hotel, and then dinner over at a relatives house.  Lots of late nights.  

Menu: not the greatest, all restaurant food. Some of it was good, the weird sandwich with the fries on it.  Most of it was okay.  Oh, and my cousin made this amazing drink of vodka, grapes and basil muddled, and club soda.  It tasted like summer in a glass.

Pictures after the jump
Riding the Trolley

Baseball game

The Incline
Pittsburgh from the observation site

 Cousin's house
Teaching the other kids to play Angry Birds

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