Monday, August 19, 2013

WTF weather!

 The weather is freakishly cool right now.  We're having temps that are more like early October than mid-August!  All I want are soups and stews to eat but won't

Mommy "style":  Friday I wore jeans and a t-shirt and didn't take a picture of it. :(

Saturday, I wore one of my favorite fallish outfits.  I don't really know why I feel on trend when I wear this outfit, but I like it a lot.

Sunday, normal wear stuff for me.  Again, I like the combo of pink and grey probably a little too much.

Accomplishment: I went out of the house for a few hours by myself!!!! And it was glorious!

High/Low: High: I got to spend time with my favorite piece of artwork at our art museum.  I really like the picture. Low: Because of the weather and poor planning, I was unable to go for any runs this weekend.  I feel fat and flabby.

Activities: Friday, the kids an I went to their MaMoo and  Wita's house.  And the older two stayed the weekend.  They come home today to celebrate Matt's birthday and we're having tacos for dinner.  Saturday, Fred and I went to the farmer's market (yes, that kind) and bought lots of yummy produce and bacon.  And all of the farmers are also having the same problems in their fields as in my garden with all of the rain.   And Sunday, Fred, Matt and I went to art museum, and then dinner.  It was a nice weekend.

Menu: Friday: oatmeal, pizza, and tapas.  Saturday: muffin, BLT with avocado, chicken potpie.  Sunday: muffin, quesdillas, burgers.

Other:  I know that am now an "experienced" mom.  One, I feel the urge on commenting to other people about siblings and how to cope.  And when I have ONLY the baby, I feel very free!  It is very liberating.

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