Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trip Back Home

We stayed in Pittsburgh for only two actual days.  We left on Monday and drove back.

I don't plan on ever making that long of a trip with small children ever again.  It was very, very long.  It got long because Oliver kept asking about a Dino-bot over and over again.  Baby Fred didn't like being in the car and started crying a lot.  And Phillip was just bored and wanted to get out too.  And my dad was there too. Oh, hey, my dad is transgendered... so, I'll be saying she.  She was helpful and a good travel companion most of the time...except she kept telling me how to drive.  I realize that she was a long-haul truck drive all of my life and knew the roads that I was travelling.  But seriously, I know how to drive.  I've never been in a major accident and I've driven on mountain(ish) roads before this trip.  And I'm driving a car, not a huge truck with a full load behind it, so it handles differently.  It got very annoying and by the end of the trip on Monday I was over it!  We actually had a fight about a stop sign.  Of course I was going to stop I was pulling up the 4 laned main road.  However, most the time, the companionship was nice and helpful.

Mommy "Style":  Shorts and t-shirts.  Luckily, this time in Virginia I was better dressed. Not nearly as trashy.  

Accomplishments:  I said no to the dino-bot the entire time.  And I'm still saying no to it.  It will probably be a Christmas toy, if he still wants one when Christmas comes around.

High/Low:   High: Coming home. It is very nice to be home.  Low: That stupid argument   And listening to the kids whine in the car.

Activities: On the way home, we stopped at the New River Gorge.  That was neat, the kids didn't really see it.  They looked, but they didn't see it.  Oh, well.  Keep trying I guess.

Menu: We stayed in Hillsville VA on the way home, and I had really good Chinese.  And the Holiday Inn Express had a really good breakfast buffet.  I was very impressed.  

The bridge across the gorge.  We didn't hike to the bottom.

Looking at butterflies

Running off some energy.

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