Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Part the First Wednesday thru Friday

I'm going to break with the normal format for my trip up north. Sorta

Mommy Style: jean shorts and t-shirts.  Actually Friday I wore a tank top and looked particularly trashy.  It was not one of my better looks.  I feel bad for anybody who saw me at the rest stops in Virginia  West Virginia  and at the pizza resturarnt in suburban Pittsburgh.

Accomplishment:   Keeping my cool during epic whinefests during the end of the drive.

High/Low:  High: Seeing family.  Low: See epic whinefests

Food:  Breakfast: oatmeal.  Lunch: roast beef with horseradish sandwiches. dinner: hamburgers on  Thursday and Pizza on Friday.

Activities:  Wednesday was spent doing laundry and packing.  Thursday we left for PA staying at my aunt's in North Carolina. The we in this trip consists of me, my father, and my three kids. The first part of the drive up there wasn't too bad, but Oliver realized that we weren't going to be home at night and started screaming about how he wanted to go home and didn't want to visit family and was generally a miserable kid.  It was beyond awful.   Then Fredrick decided that he had enough of being in the car and the last hour was filled with Oliver and Fredrick screaming at the top of their lungs.  Phillip was upset, but he wasn't doing much crying.  We got to my aunts and after settling down (which took awhile) we went to stream on their property and threw in rocks.  We also spent time talking with family.  The next day, we leave to finish the trip to Pennsylvania.  I remember the trip taking not as long, but then again I didn't do with three very young children.  It was very long.  Not only did I have to make several stops that I might not have but there was the whining on top of the stops and it made the hours seem very long.  When we FINALLY got to Pittsburgh, I
 was so relieved because then I didn't have to drive anymore.  

Pictures:  From North Carolina and on the road

North Carolina

Running away from the camera
Rest Stop

Enjoying lunch

It feels good to get out of the car!

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