Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Birthday!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday.  In some ways, we celebrated over the weekend doing fun things without the older kids around.  And we're between babysitters right now, so we weren't able to do something alone.  I feel guilty about asking family members to watch all three for long periods of time.  Three small children can be a handful.  It will (hopefully) be easier to ask when the kids are all elementary aged.

Mommy "style"  

Another repeat.  Weather has returned to something approaching summer like weather.  However, I don't think that we'll be seeing anything remotely like hot and humid that I'm used to in August and early September. 

Accomplishment: I cleaned up the downstairs before my mother-in-laws showed up with the kids for dinner.  The house looked good to me.

High/Low: High: Having the kids home again.  I really do love them and miss them.  I like the breaks because it reminds how much I love them.  Low: Neither of the older kids wanted to go to sleep.  And it makes very annoyed with myself that I get annoyed that the kids won't sleep.  It is really hard to get them asleep sometimes.

Activities: I went to the big box sporting goods store to buy new running shoes for Matt.  I left annoyed because one: there was nobody working in the shoe department.  I think I waited for about 5 minutes and nobody checked on me or even walked by so I could flag them down.  I left without the shoes and I'll be going to the specialty running store from now on even though they cost more but I get much better service. I then went to a couple of other store and figured out that denim shirts are going to be a hot trend for fall.  I guess I need to figure out how to wear something like that.  I didn't inherit any stylish genes from my parents. And the kids came home, and my mother in law stayed for dinner.  It was nice.

Menu: scrambled eggs, a Reuben, and tacos for dinner.

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