Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School has FINALLY started!

Mommy "Style": Sunday: running shorts and tank tops.  

 M0nday  I feel that the proportions are all wrong with this combo.  I've worn the top with shorter shorts and like it that way.  And I've worn the top with real jeans and like it that way  too, but I think this particular match up sucks. 

 Tuesday: I wore the shorts from Monday and the purple and green striped t-shirt that I've worn multiple times in the past few weeks.


This isn't a great look, but I've been slacking on doing laundry, so all of the shirts that I like to wear aren't clean. :(

High/Low: High: School has finally started for the two older kids and it is awesome! Low: I hate getting the kids ready.  Esp. Phil, he isn't really potty trained enough, but I'm trying to encourage it and get him there, but he still manages pee in his pants 10 minutes after going to the potty.   I suppose this really means that he's not really ready to be trained, but he hates to wear a diaper.  It gets really frustrating sometimes.

Accomplishment: I have managed to get some of the laundry done.  And I went for a run with the kids in the jogging stroller.  I'm not sure if I really like it, but I need to be able to run.


Sunday: We enjoyed the last true Sunday of the summer by swimming at my sister's house.  

Phil jumping off the diving board.  I need to get him swim lessons.

Monday: We met the teachers for the school year.  Phil was super excited.  Oliver was not. Oliver refused to even visit the room or see the teachers.  Phil didn't want to leave.  

Tuesday:  Oliver's first day of school!  I think he's the only kid in the history of the world to have homework on the first day of pre-K!

Wednesday:  Phil's first day of school! He did quite well once he got there.  And the baby and I went to Target and Trader Joe's by ourselves.  That was quite nice.


From today.  Yesterday was little hectic.  I don't think it will really matter in a few years.

Menu: Sunday: fruit and cheese, hot dogs with fruit, steak, corn, and asparagus for dinner.  Monday: cheese for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and pasta, sausage, broccoli for dinner.
Tuesday: bagels, sandwiches, pork chops, rice, and mixed veg for dinner.

Random cuteness:

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