Friday, August 23, 2013

A week in review

Mommy "Style":  More of the same.  I guess that is why I haven't been updating. No excuses.  I always say that I'll get better and I mean it, but have a hard time following through.  Is it perfectionism? Fear of failure? Lack of something?  I don't know. 

At any rate:  Here is today's outfit:

This look feels very summery.  And summer has come back!  I think I'm happy about that, except I hate the heat! Oh irony!

Accomplishment: I cut the power off at our old house.  I really hope the short sell goes through.  I'm afraid we make too much money, I don't think we make enough to really keep the house and rent it.  But I'm sure according to the mortgage company's math, we make plenty.  I also have successfully avoided doing laundry. Or going for runs.

High/Low: High: I've managed to keep my temper a little better.  I have been having problems feeling overwhelmed and just at the end of my rope.  Nothing is particularly different, but I feel stressed out and ready for a change.  And yet I hate change, usually because change (in the past few years) has been negative or stressful.  Low: I still need to work on my temper.  I resort to yelling quicker than I'd like.  And my children are awful in restaurants. I need to make some awesome busy bags for them.

Activities: Tuesday: We stayed at home all day and played.  It was nice.  Wednesday: The jumping place, because the thought of staying inside all day again was not a happy one.  Unfortunately, Oliver got bitten several times by fire ants.  He's already anxious about insects, this I think is going to send him over the edge into full blown terror.  Thursday: I bought a used jogging stroller.  I hope that once school starts I will be able to go on runs at least three days a week.  After that we went to the park.  And then yesterday evening, I went to the parent teacher night at the school.  I think it is going to an interesting school year.  We'll see if it is going to be interesting good or interesting bad.  Friday: park in the morning as a test run in getting ready for school, and then we drove down to our old city and paid the last utility bill and terminated the service.  

Menu: Tuesday: oatmeal, turkey sandwich, braised short ribs that came out great! 

Wednesday: oatmeal, turkey sandwich, bbq.  We used to live reasonably close to great bbq.  I love it.  The beef is moist and has the right about of fat to keep from being dried out.  But since we've moved, it is too far to drive esp on a week night.  It would be okay on a weekend, but I hate taking the kids out for dinner.  Unfortunately, I thought I had all of the ingredients for dinner, but lacking the ricotta for manicotti. And I didn't realize it until too late to finish making dinner.  So we went out to bbq.  It was okay.  But the restaurant was very loud, and our service felt slow or at least disinterested in our table.  And then Phil went full on two year old crazy.  Ugh.  I hate two year old crazy.  Oliver used to be crazy and he's grown out of it, so I'm sure that it is the age.  I've been trying to eat at home not only because it is cheaper, but also because the kids are so poorly behaved I hate being THAT parent.

Thursday: oatmeal, hot dogs, and the manicotti that we were supposed to have on Wednesday.  

Friday: oatmeal, chicken and fries from Zaxbys, and then chicken enchalitas for dinner.

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