Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekend Update

I'll do the week in a couple of parts.  Here's stuff for the weekend.

Mommy "style":  

Saturday: I wore the grey shirt and pink shorts that I've worn multiple times before.


This weekend had a lot of pink in it.

Accomplishment:   I went to the grocery store and bought 4 boxes of tea.  

High/Low:  High: I went out with my closest friend on Saturday night.  It was nice to eat a meal and catch up without children trying to crawl into my lap.  Low:  I've been feeling lazy again and not getting stuff done.

Activities: Saturday: I went out my friend.  It was nice.  We ate a fancy Mexican restaurant that is in the historical area of a town between our two houses.  I had not eaten at that restaurant.  The food was good.  She got a something strange and I can't remember the name but it was like a soup that you wrapped in a tortilla.  I had a flank steak cooked.  Her food was different.  I really liked my food.  The service was not very good though.  It took them a really long time to take our drink orders and then they weren't particularly attentive during the meal.  

Sunday:  We bought a new filing cabinet since we have finally gotten tired of our old one not keeping the bars up.  After that purchase, I dropped Matt at home and went grocery shopping at the really big ethnic grocery store in our area.  I love that place.  I couldn't do my regular shopping there because I'd waste soo much money.  Or maybe if I shopped there all the time, I'd be less likely to over buy.  At any rate, I bought a lot of yummy tea.

Menu: Saturday: waffles with sausage crumbled into them.  Chicken salad sandwich.  Dinner: flank steak with beans and rice.  Sunday: no breakfast, quesadilla, dinner: scallops with Swiss chard on the side. A

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