Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hump Day

Am I the only one thinks "Hump Day" sounds like a bad porn title?  Yes?  Okay then...

Mommy "style"


In the interest of being totally and completely honest about my clothing choices.  I usually only wear real clothes in the morning.  I drop the kids off in real clothes except when I plan on going for a run and then I pick them up in real clothes.  By the time Matt comes from work, I'm in usually either yoga pants if it is cool/cold or running shorts if it is warm/hot.  If I know that I'm going to be going out in the afternoon or evening, I'll obviously keep wearing "real" clothes, but more often than not, I'm getting comfy on the couch.


Back into slacker gear.  And yikes, I need to clean the mirror!


Preschooler style too!

Accomplishment: I have been cooking off of pinterest again.  And it has been tasty or at least worthy of a second cooking.

High/Low: High: Phil had NO ACCIDENTS yesterday.  Low: Phil was on one massive meltdown yesterday.  Neither eating, drinking, playing, or watching t.v helped the meltdown.  It was a very long day. 

Activities: Monday: I made carrot cupcakes while the older kids were in school.  After school, lots of playing in the backyard.  Tuesday: while Phil took a much needed nap in the morning, Fred and I finished planting the front flower area for the fall.  It looks nice.  I need to take a picture and post it.  After school, more playing in the backyard.  Wednesday: Fred and I went to Target in the morning and planned to spend very little money but didn't.  The eye of Target was upon me and hypnotized me into spending more money than I planned on cheap clothes.  But everything except a hoodie was on sale and generally much needed.  After school, a little t.v and then more playing in the backyard.  I'm loving this weather, because I really want to spend outside and the kids do sooooo much better at bedtime when they spend a lot of time outside.

Menu: Monday: yogurt for breakfast, lunch was left overs from Sunday dinner.  Dinner was Salmon cakes

They turned okay.  I don't think I'll make the salmon cake part again, but the yogurt sauce was really good

Tuesday: cheese for breakfast, chicken deli meat sandwich for lunch.  And dinner was Mediterranean baked chicken.  There were some problems with this recipe for me.  One I need more tomatoes than what I used.  And the bigger problem was that it very bland.  Some of that is I didn't put salt and pepper on the chicken when I cooked it.  But overall the it need some more herbs.  But it was pretty easy and even better easy to clean up, so I'll probably put into to the bi-monthly rotation.  

Wednesday: carrot cupcake We'll pretend that since it has carrots in it, it must be heathly. Lunch: chicken deli meat sandwiches.  Dinner: eggs, bacon, toast, and strawberries.

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