Friday, October 4, 2013

Monday thru Wednesday

I've got nothing catchy.

Mommy "style": 


The camera is doing weird things to my face

A bit better
I had to be at the courthouse on Monday.  And I felt that I needed to look extra nice, so I bought new pants and a new shirt.  And I felt so awesome.  I felt like a grownup and I really missed dressing like this on a regular basis.  I don't know what the future holds for my return to paid work.  But I would like to be something where I can dress nicely.


Back to the mommy uniform of a t-shirt and jeans.

Wednesday: shorts and a t-shirt.  I know I'm really changing it up!

Accomplishment: Legal issues are cleared up.  It was a satisfactory conclusion to the problems.  I don't know if I'll ever write my story for the public, but maybe one day in the future.

High/Low: High: I was able to read almost all of a book waiting for the judge.  Low: I got to read almost an entire book waiting for the judge.  :/  Granted, it wasn't long or a difficult read, but still it was a very long to wait.

Activities: Monday: court.  I needed to be downtown at 9:30.  I also needed to drop off Baby Fred because I really didn't want to have him inside of the courtroom.  If Matt had been able to attend, I would have brought Fred to court, but Matt had jury duty in the same courthouse.  My sister was able to watch Fred, but I had to meet her at her house, which is a bit south of the courthouse.  I left my house at 6:30 and barely made it on time to court at 9:30.  The judge and ADA didn't show up until 11 (ish).  And then they started a bond hearing before they got to what they needed me for.  It was a semi-high profile case/defendant so the defense attorneys brought in several witnesses to try to sway the judge into granting a reasonable bond.  The two I was able to watch were from out of town and more of business associates than personal references although the defense attempted to use them as a personal reference.  The ADA grilled the witnesses on the cross-examination.  It was very interesting to see "real life" courtroom stuff after watch A LOT of Law and Order.  One witness was from NYC and the ADA seemed surprised that the witness didn't have a drivers license or owned his apartment.  They went through two witnesses when the judge decided that it was time for lunch and would have done the thing he needed me to do, but the ADA who needed to be there for me was stuck in another courtroom.  So, we broke for lunch.  I ran to my sister's house to nurse the baby and then went back to court to wait for the judge for almost an hour.  I did my thing and was able to leave.  I picked up Fred and drove home to wait for my mothers-in-law to drop off the older two boys.

Tuesday: Much less exciting.  School for Oliver while Phil, Fred, and I came back home and tried to get Phil to sleep but he didn't want to nap even though he was really, really tired.  After school, played in the yard until supper time.

Wednesday:  School for Phil and Oliver.  I went to the garden center and bought stuff for the front of the house flower garden area and then went to Costco for the bi-monthly stock up.  I will need to go again before I really want to, but we'll need more stuff.

Menu:  Monday: Breakfast: Sausage biscuits from McDonalds.  Lunch: skipped but ate a Jr. Bacon cheeseburger from Wendys around 3:30.  Dinner: hot dogs, fruit and chips.  Matt wasn't home for dinner because he was stuck on jury duty.

Tuesday: Breakfast: toast. Lunch: peanut butter sandwich and fruit.  Dinner: frozen pizza (obviously not frozen).

Wednesday: Breakfast: I think I skipped it.  Lunch: chicken noodle soup.  Dinner: Middle Eastern/Greek style dinner: ground lamb sauteed with onions and then placed into bulgar wheat with a lot of chopped mint. Spinach on the side.  The flavors were really good together.  I don't know if was "real" Middle Eastern but I'm sure you'd find similar stuff because I basically did tabbouleh with lamb added.  Maybe adding some cucumbers would have also been good. At any rate, here's a picture

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