Tuesday, October 8, 2013

extra busy weekend

Mommy "Style":   Sad and tired clothes.  I didn't take pictures but it was the same stuff I wear every day.

Accomplishment:  I ran a 5k on Saturday night.  It was awesome.  I ran with some friends and actually ran most of it and did it with one of my best times.  And I did some planting.

High/low: High: A good race time.  Low: Having to leave a festival early because of whining.

Activities:  Saturday; I went to the grocery store and then later in the evening ran the 5k.  After the 5k, my friends and I went out for a snack and a drink.  The snack was great, but the drinks were very light on the alcohol.  And while I realize that we shouldn't had much to drink, having a drink that had what we paid to have the good stuff in it would have been nice.

Sunday: I did laundry in the morning.  And then we went to a fall festival.  The first part was great, the kids played in the kid zone and had a great time.  After lunch, when it was time to go look at the art and crafts, Oliver acted tired, Phil fell asleep, and Fred got very cranky.  So we left.  And for whatever reason, I wasn't feeling the festival which normally I love.  I'm going to blame the heat and the kids.  After we came home and hydrated and rested, I planted some of the fall stuff for the front yard. It felt like a really good and productive weekend.

Menu: Saturday: bagels for breakfast.  Tuna for lunch.  And a burger very late for dinner.  I knew that I didn't want to run with anything in my stomach other than water.  Sunday: bagel for breakfast, gyro for lunch, and roast pork with zucchini and rice for dinner.

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