Saturday, October 26, 2013

The weekend past

Mommy "style"


I went out with friends to a movie and I felt I needed to look nice.  Matt complained because I looked nicer for friends than him.  But if I wore nice clothes around the kids, then I would get stains or spills on them and be highly annoyed.

Sunday:  Yoga pants and a t-shirt.  I kept hoping I would get off my butt and go for a real run, but I didn't.  

Accomplishments:  Hanging out with friends twice in one month!  And I got to spend fun time with the family.

High/Low: High:  I really liked Gravity.  We all suggested something that we didn't want to think about as in no fancy "art house" movies.  However, all I've done for the past week is think about that movie.  It was really well written and directed.  The acting was also really well done.  I forgot I was watching Sandra Bullock.  I didn't forget I was watching George Clooney, but I guess that's because I see his pictures a lot on the on-line/supermarket paparazzi sites. Not that I go to them often.  Low:  not (real) running on Sunday

Activities: Saturday: we went out to lunch and then to the craft store to make the spooky spiders.  And then I went to a movie. Sunday: after listening to a lot of whining, we went to the park in the mid-afternoon.  I attempted to run to the park so I could get some kind of run in, but lunch was sitting very heavily on my stomach and I wasn't able to get into the groove, so I just walked.  And felt fat.

Menu: Saturday: made pumpkin pancakes.  They turned out really good.  I liked them and ate up the entire recipe.  Except the three that the kids had on their plates.  I wished I had ginger, but I didn't.  Martha Stewart makes a mean recipe.  Lunch:  Moes.  Dinner: Chicken from the grocery store, fruit and crackers..  Sunday: crackers, fruit and  cheese for breakfast.  Lunch: hotdogs.  Dinner:  Chicken tetrazzini.  It was really good that night.

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