Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rounding out the week

Mommy "style" 

Thursday: Jean shorts and a t-shirt


Nothing fancy

Accomplishment:  I did some work around the house.  It's been a very lazy week.  I don't know why I haven't been more motivated to do stuff.  I guess I go in these cycles.  I'm usually pretty good for about 3 weeks and then I take a week off.  And then I either get grossed out by the house or watch an episode of Hoarders and get my act together.

High/Low: High: Not having to wait several hours to see the OB-GYN.  Low:  I have fat calves and I'm short.  I don't know if my calves are muscular or just fat, but it makes buying boots incredibly difficult. But I saw a pair of rain boots on the Facebook exchange I'm on and they were so cute and at a really good price, so I foolishly bought them hoping they would work.  They don't and since they're rubber and high quality, I can't expand them.  So, now I have a pair of lovely (expensive) boots I can't wear.  Lame.  

Activities: OB-Gyn appointment.  And then Matt stayed home from work yesterday.  That was nice.

Menu:  Breakfast both days: Bagel.  Thursday for lunch I had Taco Bell.  I tried something different and now I remember why I buy only one thing there.  It was very gross. I had to get a cookie from a good place to wash the taste out.  Dinner Thursday: Matt wasn't home so we had chicken covered in yogurt and herbs and baked until done.  It turned out very well.  Friday: Zaxby's for lunch, and Chile Rellanoes for dinner.

Random Grumpiness

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