Saturday, September 28, 2013

A new shirt

Mommy "Style"


The angle is a bit wonky on this shot.  So, one of the things I'm always thinking about my clothes is that I hate that I pretty only shop at Old Navy and Target for myself and my sons.  Then I see put together people who wear stuff from different stores or who wear thrift store finds and I think "wow that is awesome".  The shirt I am wear comes from a second hand clothing shop.  I'm sure it was originally found in a Goodwill somewhere, but needless to say I found it at a markup from Goodwill.  I love the print of the shirt.  I'm not sure about the neckline, but if it was just a t-shirt it would be dull.  I bought it over a month ago and have been trying to figure out how to wear it since.  I like it with the skinny jeans and if I had brown riding knee boots I think I would look really great.  I'm guessing this particular outfit will come into rotation now that the weather is a bit cooler. This shirt represents another attempt to step outside my style "zone" occasionally.


And now to the other end of the style spectrum.  Yoga pants and a tank top.  Super stylish (end sarcasm font).


Normal stuff here.  I still really like this shirt.  Banana Republic has it in royal blue.  And I almost bought on Wednesday but decided that two lace shirts was a bit much.

Accomplishments: I finally paid somebody to steam clean the carpets and hopefully some of the cat smell that has been perminating from the house will dissipate.

High/Low:  High: I had the house ready for the steam cleaner BEFORE he arrived!  Low: the morning rush to get out the door to school  results in too much yelling.  It doesn't matter the time we wake up or if I get ready the night before.  There is some much yelling, usually directed at the 2 year old because hey he's two and he really doesn't want to do anything that other people would like him to do.

Activities: Wednesday: while the older two were in school I went shopping for myself and Oliver.  I didn't buy myself anything, but I did get Oliver some more pants.  I think with the exception of a pair of jeans, he's good on pants for the fall/winter.  He'll need shirts, but I buy those when I really gets cold.

After school, the kids and I did this activity I found on Pinterest.   I changed it a little.  Oliver gets strange about school.  

Oliver did different types of lines.  Phil tried to do shapes.  I think it was good activity. 

Thursday: in the morning, I went to the thrift store looking for clothes for Fred, but they didn't have any.  So I'll try the consignment store.  I really don't want to spend a lot of money on his clothes.  He the last kid and I'm not going to delude myself into think that spending a bit more money on his stuff because it might get passed down to a sibling.  I do spend at least sale prices on the older two because it's hard to find pants for older boys at consignment.  I've looked and it is only dress type pants.  After school, the steam cleaner came and made the carpets look nice and a chair smell less like cat.  

Friday: a 4.5k run in the morning with Fred, and the afternoon the kids spent napping.  After nap, an early dinner and then we played outside.

Menu: Wednesday: toast, mall Chinese, dinner was chicken sauteed in butter with onion, carrots, and celery. Thursday: I skipped breakfast, lunch was leftover dinner, dinner was pizza.  Friday: breakfast was leftover pizza.  I love leftover pizza.  Lunch: turkey sandwich.  Dinner: roast pork tacos.  

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