Wednesday, October 23, 2013


First the craft:

I wanted to do and post something that we've done for Halloween decoration.

This spider fits the ticket:

Supplies:  styrofoam floral balls, craft paint, goggly eyes, pipe cleaners

First,  we rolled styrofoam balls in craft paint

Or in Oliver's case covered them in tape

And then poked holes for the pipe cleaners

And finally stuck pipe cleaners into the balls

And added some goggely eyes.

Yesterday, we carved pumpkins.  And by we, I mean me.

Scooping out the seeds

I drew the faces on before I cut them.  I am not a very fancy carver and have little patience to learn so it old school over here.

This pumpkin is Fred's. He has two teeth on the bottom and when I asked him what he wanted the mouth to look like, he smiled.

And here is the outside:

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The big spider is from Spoonful

Overall, our outside is pretty much off my Pinterest boards.

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