Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Weekend

Mommy "style":  Saturday


Accomplishment: Eating a lot of yummy food. Keeping the kids safe(ish) on top of a large granite monolith.

High/Low: High:  I really enjoyed our outing on Sunday.  It was type of thing I would like to do more of as a family.  I'll explain in the activities section.   Low: whining.  A lot of whining.

Activities: Saturday:  It was raining.  And I'm usually at a lost as to what to do on rainy days, and I'm trying to limit/restrict screen time for the kids.  So, we went to a movie. I'm not sure that is the same as screen time though.  We finally got around to seeing Despicable Me 2.  Oliver had a great time.  Fred got bored about halfway through, so I left to go to the lobby and let him crawl/walk around.  Phil didn't want to leave me and he came too.  Eh, that is what DVD/netflix/amazon prime are for.  (I'll stop ending sentences with prepositions soon like my English teachers told me.)  And then we ate pizza.  

Sunday: we woke up and went to Stone Mountain which technically isn't a mountain.  We ate lunch at a German restaurant that is right outside of the park.  I got the sausage plate. It was so yummy.  Then we went to the park.  We rode the train that goes around the base of the mountain.  Phil fell asleep on the train and then laid down in the middle of the aisle and went to sleep.  After the train we walked to the Skylift, and rode to the top of the mountain.  The kids like that experience.  Once on top, we wandered around the top. Shared a coke, and it was totally a complete commercial.  We then came home and had fried chicken for dinner.

Waiting for the train to start

Leaping from rock to rock

Tired Phil

On top of the mountain

Menu: Saturday: yogurt, quesadillas, pizza.  Sunday: toast, sausage, fried chicken.

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