Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I really should know better

Mommy "Style":

Monday: Red shirt with jean shorts.

Tuesday: Purple striped shirt with grey shorts

Wednesday: A different purple striped shirt with different jean shorts.

Accomplishments:  Laundry has been done, the downstairs is actually neat (or was until everybody came home from school), and toys are being played with by my children.  And while there has been plenty of screen time, I've been better about limiting it.

High/Low: High: Phil had no accidents at ALL yesterday.  And he took off his pull-up when he needed to go!  I've been feeling like he was behind Oliver, but he isn't really.  Oliver was about the same age 2.5 when potty training really clicked for him, so I'm hoping that Phil is almost done toilet learning.  We'll see.  Low: Both kids have had a hard time at drop this week.  I don't know if it is because they are tired or because the newness is rubbing off, but they don't want to go to school.  Good thing, because we're going on vacation tomorrow! Yay! 

Activities: Monday we planned on going to the zoo, but it rained in the morning.  So we stayed at home and the kids annoyed each other.  That evening we went out to dinner to spend with our friends from Seattle.  This is where I really should know better, I knew that the kids wouldn't allow me to eat a pleasant dinner and that especially Phil would be a crazy two year old kid and want to run around and play.  And the baby would be fussy because it was close to bedtime.  I knew that I should let my husband go and have fun with his friends, but for some reason, I felt that this time it would be different.  No, it is never different.  Ugh, I feel like sometimes I give parents a bad name.

Tuesday was a school day for Oliver.  Fred, Phil and I went for a run after drop off.  And then when everybody came home we played some more.

Wednesday: school day for the kids. Fred and I went shopping for some last minute vacation stuff.  And then home to blog about it. :)

Menu: Monday: fruit and cheese, hot dogs, Mexican. I had fish tacos.  Tuesday: oatmeal, tuna sandwich.  Dinner was a pinterest inspired thing.  I saw somewhere but forgot to pin a recipe for chicken, rice, broccoli and cheese "cupcakes". So, I made my own recipe up.  It was pretty good. Phil liked it. Matt liked it. I liked it.  Unfortunately, they were a little dry so I need to come up with a gravy or more cheese to help with that.  If I can get them good, then one day I'll post the recipe.

Other:  So, I'm looking for a new babysitter.  And I thought I had an interview set up for Monday, but she didn't show up.  And that pissed me off.  And she didn't call or email or contact me through the website to let me know that she wasn't coming.  I'm beyond annoyed.  Hopefully, I'll find one for next week.  That didn't help my feelings of being a bad parent/friend on Monday evening. 

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