Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Losing my groove

Mommy "style":




One of the things I don't like about early fall is that it is cool and crisp in the morning, but by the time you get dressed and out the door for longer than 10 minutes, it is too hot to wear pants.  Lame.  But the afternoons aren't as hot and there isn't any humidity, so that nice.

Accomplishments: Sunday, not only did we go to the botanical gardens, but I also washed, dried, and folded THREE loads of laundry!  Monday, more laundry and the kids didn't cry at drop off.  That evening after the kids went to bed I wrapped a wreath in yarn.  I hope by the end of the week to have a fall Pinterest inspired wreath made.

High/Low: High: I've been feeling reasonably productive recently.  And while the house isn't company ready, it hasn't been too bad.  I still need to mop the floors though.  Low: Oliver broke out in hives on Monday afternoon and I have no idea what has caused them. There hasn't been anything different in his diet or new in his environment.  

Activities: Sunday: we went to the Botanical gardens and saw the Imagined Creatures exhibit.  That was really cool. 

Detail of the Cobra

Afterwards, we ate dinner out.  And the kids were reasonably well-behaved so I guess a lot excerice is the way to go when eating out.Then on the car ride home. Phil keep yelling out "oopise!" from the backseat.  And for some reason, every one in the car found it hilarious!

Monday: Kids to school.  Fred and I went to the craft store and home for lunch.  After school, I found the rash and gave the doctor a call.  The on-call nurse said it sound like an allergy, so I gave Oliver Benadryl. 

Tuesday: the rash wasn't better, so I made a sick child appointment for Oliver.  I think he really enjoyed not having to go to school.  I really enjoyed not having to get him ready.  The doctor reassured me that it really was a rash.  We then went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and to Trader Joe's to do some grocery shopping.

After naps, we played with shaving and food coloring.  

phil having fun

Fred trying it out too!

Oliver making a mes.

Wednesday:  School for the kids.  Fred and I came home and went for a run.  We stopped at the playground half-way through the run. He had fun.  After school, we went to the grocery store again.  And home to play.

Menu:  Sunday: bagels, tuna sandwich, buger and fries.  Monday: I skipped breakfast, lunch was a bagel with a side of greek yogurt.  Dinner: sloppy joes.  I don't think it was the healthiest of days.  Tuesday: bagel, chick-fil-a, spinach and cheese quiche.  Wednesday: bagel, brie sandwich, fake jambalaya.  

Phil is trying escape from the house, so I think I'll explain fake jambalaya another post.

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