Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thursday and Friday

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Accomplishments: I've been a glutton for punishment recently, so I've been taking all three kids with my stores that I'd prefer to go to either alone or with just the baby.  Friday after school, I took all three to Target and didn't buy toys or too much extra crap.  It was a good thing!  

High/Low: High: Friday, I got some good news.  It made me feel that a weight has been lifted off of my chest.  And makes me feel so much more at peace.   Low:  Right now the kids are waking up wayyyyy too early.  Oliver is fine with waking up a little early, but Phil probably needs another hour or so before he wakes up. And the early wakings are causing him to not be his best self.  Or in real language: lots of whining, meltdowns, and general crankiness.

Activities: Thursday: I went for another run.  A slightly better time and I'm getting better about jogging with the jogging stroller.  After school, we went for a leaf hunt.  Originally my idea was to find colored leaves which are starting to happen and find different colors and shapes, but the leaves on the street weren't quite right.  So we just found interesting ones,

On the hunt

Look at my collection

Comparing and constrasting

Friday: I had my well woman appointment.  I was on time.  And there were about three ladies in the waiting room.  At the end of a half hour, the same three ladies were in the waiting room without having been called back.  So I asked if the doctor was running behind, and she was by about an hour.  So I rescheduled.  I felt strangely empowered by this action.  Usually, I wait and seethe about how long it is taking.  But this time I didn't and I felt really good.  After I left the office, I went to mall and bought a cute top and black professional pants.  I threw away my last pair of professional pants last year. Then to Old Navy for stuff for Phil and Fred.  After school,  all of us went to Target.  

Menu: Thursday: bagels, turkey sandwich, dinner was grilled cheese since Matt wasn't home.  Friday: bagels, an Italian BMT from Subway, and tacoes for dinner.


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