Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blue Monday (and Tuesday)

Mommy "Style"

Monday: Jean shorts and a t-shirt.  Apparently, I forgot to take a picture.  Naughty blogger.

I think for once the picture looks better than the actual look when I look in the mirror.  That is a different thing.

Accomplishment: I put back on the gate at the bottom of the stairs.  Fred is now able to climb the stairs and I want to keep from climbing the stairs when I'm busy in the kitchen or here on the computer.  Yay for somewhat baby-proofing the house.

High/Low: High: Playing the kids and hanging out with Matt.  Low: Potty training/ 2 year old frustration.  Phil is finally getting the hang of the potty and yesterday at Target he saw Transformers underwear so he wanted to buy them.  And since he's using the potty more often than not, I did.  And after purchasing them, he wanted to put them on.  Again, no big deal.  Unfortunately, he had to get them on just the right way and I didn't do it the right way first which caused him to meltdown.  At the same time,  Fred was trying eat the public toilet seat.  It was frustrating.  And there was crying and general angst. From both Phil and me.  It was not one of my finer moments in Target.

Activities: Monday: grocery shopping with the baby and school for the older kids.  After school, we played and did laundry.  Exciting stuff.  Tuesday: Target with Phil and Fred while Oliver had school.  After school, we played on the playground for a bit.  And then more playing at home.

Menu: Monday: oatmeal, turkey sandwich. Dinner: salmon, asparagus, rice.  Tuesday: cereal, egg salad sandwich.  Dinner: tortellini  with sausage tomato sauce. I made a huge amount of tomato sauce and the rest is sitting in my freezer for another day.

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