Sunday, September 15, 2013

A week

I try to update everyday. But this week has been typical of why I don't. I guess that the kids get in the way, literally.  Phil is in my lap trying to type and asking for  PBS kids.  During the morning when the kids are school, I'm either cleaning the house, working in the yard, or running errands.  Le sigh.

Mommy "style": Here is the mommy style I did for the week:



Friday:  Very lazy.  I ran errands and then worked in the yard while the kids were at school.  And then it was too late to change before it was time to pick them up.


Accomplishments:  I've been working on redoing the containers for fall/winter vegetable gardening.  I'm done with them.  And now I'm working on the front planting bed.  It's a bit more slow going.  There are a lot of weeds and I'm trying to loosen up the soil and work in compost for better growth and transplants.  And at one point, I actually had the whole place looking neat.  However, as you can see by Friday afternoon, the kids and I had wreaked the place. I have also been to Walmart AND only bought what I meant to buy.  It was pretty awesome.

High/Low:  High: On Thursday, I went to see a concert with Matt.  That was a lot fun.  I even dressed up for the concert, and wore heels.  And I didn't feel like the sloppiest person there.  Low: Last night's (Saturday) bedtime. was a marathon of whining, getting out of bed, and shouting by me.  Phil has taken it into his head that bedtime isn't for him and that he doesn't ever need to sleep.  Honestly, if he didn't share a room with Oliver, then I would "lock" him in his room and walk away. Do the Supernanny method of toddler cry it out.  Unfortunately, he does share a room and Oliver has a hard time going to sleep with Phil crying. So, it is a battle.  Last night I had it with the getting out of bed roaming around, so I put Phil back into bed every time he got out of bed.  It took about 20 times before he just stayed in bed.  And then like 2 minutes later, he fell asleep.  I'm hoping tonight is better, but I'm not holding my breath.

Activities: Tuesday: school for Oliver, and grocery shopping for me and the younger two.  I then came home and cleaned up the house "mostly" and worked on laundry.  Wednesday: Fred had his 9 month doctor's appointment.  He is a big boy at over 30 inches long, and 20 pounds.  Technically, he is the size of a 12 month baby.  If he keeps up this trajectory, he'll be colossal.  Future linebacker type stuff. After the doctor's appointment, we went to the park for awhile and ate lunch there.  And then picked up the older two from school.  Thursday: yard work during school.  That evening, Matt and I went to Depeche Mode.  That was fun. Friday: during school I washed my car.  I was upsold into getting the thing waxed and detailed outside.  It looks really nice.  My car hasn't looked this nice since I bought it 3 years ago.  The money both feels like a waste and like a really good "investment".  Investment is in quotes because really it isn't an investment.  Fred and I went to Walmart to kill time while they did the car.  That was fun. I bought stuff to make a wreath.  After school, we played and had fun.

At some point during the week, the kids decided to make waterfall using pool noodles and the water spout.

Saturday: Matt's unit with the National Guard had it's family day.  That was really neat.  This year, they had out different things they use.  They let kids look into one of the Humvees they use, look at the type of weapons, and see radios.  It was really neat.  There was also a bounce house for the kids and a rope to either climb or swing from.  There was also training for the FRG (Family Readiness Group). I'm willing to participate in the FRG meetings, go to events put on by the FRG, and if they really need somebody to be an officer, I'm more than happy to be one.  However, I really don't want to be trained to do stuff.  And I really don't want to sit in a 2ish hour meeting to do it.  There were something 60 completely text filled PowerPoint slides.  It was a bit tedious.  I left after 10 slides, I'm glad the baby started to fuss.  I know that it sounds mean and complaining, but I guess since I don't sit in meetings at work, I've gotten out of practice of sitting there half playing attention to things and thinking about other things (like how much I don't want to be in a meeting).

Menu: Tuesday: oatmeal, grocery store sushi, chicken with mushrooms and kale, garlic bread on the side. Wednesday: greek yogurt with a bit of jam, peanut butter sandwich and a banana. Dinner: lamb with rice, spinach.   Thursday: waffles, egg salad sandwich, and nachos for dinner.  Actually beer was for dinner, which would explain the hangover on Friday morning.  Friday: Greek yogurt, tuna sandwich, Dinner was bean and rice tacos.  I made the tortillas from scratch, but they weren't very good or "oh my goodness amazeballs" that people are always claiming homemade tortillas are.  I'll give it one more shot to be better.... Saturday: bagel, eggs,and fruit.  Lunch: chicken, cornbread, potato salad, and greens.  Dinner: pizza with carrots on the side.

Long entry is long, so I'll leave my thoughts about my first year's garden experiment until later. 

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