Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick or Update

Another week, another week of fashionable mommy dressing or not.

Mommy "Style"



I don't what it is about Tuesday that makes me want to put on yoga pants and call it a day, but I do.

Wednesday: Jeans and a t-shirt



Accomplishment: Nothing major.  Just some cleaning stuff, and really I've not be good at keeping up with the daily cleaning stuff.  I get tired/bored/frustrated over picking up the same mess over and over again.  Picking up after the kids, doing dishes, the 20th poop or pee accident this week.  I try to think of cleaning as a process, but seriously when I have to pick up the same freaking mess for the 3rd time in 2 hours, I get a little annoyed and that makes me not want to clean up the rest of the house.I guess I need to re-adjust my thought process again.

High/Low: High: I love going trick or treating with the kids.  Oliver and Phil loved running up to the door and ringing the bell and saying "trick or treat".  Oliver was also very sweet and kind to his younger brother: he waited until Phil got to the door to ring the bell and helped him up and down the stairs, all unprompted by either Matt or me.  It was awesome.   Low: Fred has been whining.  He really wants to "help" me do whatever I'm doing and I don't like it.

Activities: A lot of errand running.  I had to get new tags for the cars and since I was wait until the last minute that meant going to the tag office, going to Target, the grocery store, etc... We played on the playground after school almost everyday this week so the kids got a lot of energy out.  And on Halloween we  went trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Menu: breakfast: oatmeal most days, yesterday eggs.  lunch: sandwiches.  Dinner: Monday: Sausage, rice, and spinach.   Tuesday: Meatloaf, zuchinni, and rice. Wednesday: Chicken, mac-n-cheese, and broccoli.  Thursday: frozen pizza.  Friday: tacos

PS. I never really liked Halloween as a kid.  I guess because my mother didn't like it, but having kids who love to dress up makes me really appreciate it's qualities.

Pictures from Halloween

Gratitude:  I'm thankful my husband has a great job that can support us.

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