Friday, November 15, 2013

The lost week

So last week and this week were exactly the same except the food for dinner that was eaten.  I'm going to combine them because it really was more of the same.

Mommy "style":  

Everyday except yoga pant Tuesday: Jeans and t-shirts or this week since it has been cold jeans and a sweater.

Yoga pant Tuesday: yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Accomplishment:  I've worked on getting all of the different people informed of our move to Seattle.  Matt's company is paying for the whole thing.  This is going to be awesome.  AND THEY/RE PAYING for PACKING.  Even more awesomeness.  And I've been looking for rentals in Seattle which is somewhat daunting.

High/Low: High: Fred is so close to walking and it is super cute.  Low:  I've been lazy about updating this blog.  Sorry, but I really haven't been doing anything so it seems kinda pointless.

Activities: After school, we've been playing on the playground and then coming home and doing housework.  I try to run errands during school hours or at least go for a run which takes up almost all of the preschool time.

Menu: Nothing exciting.

Gratitude: Thankful for the men and women who serve our country both here and aboard.  I'm also grateful that most people recognize the sacrifice that these people make.


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