Saturday, November 2, 2013

Playing on the Farm

Mommy "Style"

Saturday: Jeans and t-shirt

Sunday: Jeans and a slightly nicer shirt

Accomplishments: I am another year older, grayer, and wiser?  Saturday, I also started AND finished 5 loads of laundry.  I've decided that most of the household laundry needs to be done in one day or over the weekend.  It makes me happy not to constantly do a load a day.  Sunday I went for another 6k. And it was awesome.

Activities: Saturday Phil, Fred and I went to the park in the afternoon after a day of hanging out.  Sunday, we went to a farm near my sister's house. My sister, niece, and her boyfriend were also there. The kids played in a bounce house, a corn crib/pit, sandbox, a huge jumping pillow, and we did two corn mazes.  It was a lot of fun. And then we went back to her house for dinner and cake to celebrate both of our birthdays.

High/Low: High: We had a great time on the farm doing stuff.  It was a lot of fun.  Low: not much.  The ever present whining that comes with having young children.  I realize that sounds mean or something.  But right now, for whatever reason Phil especially is not sleeping well which means that I'm not sleeping well which makes me grumpy and tired and so the normal whining kids do seems like more because I'm not able to cope with it.  And yes, Matt does help but still he wants me.

Menu: Since it was my birthday weekend, I did only things that I like to eat.  Saturday: pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  Lunch was turkey sandwiches.  Dinner: Lasagna that turned out awesome.  Sunday: eggs, toast, and avacado.  Lunch: hot dogs with fruit and chips.  Dinner: crockpot chicken, homemade mac-n-cheese, and green bean with chocolate cake and butterscotch frosting.

Pictures from the farm:

Riding a horse swing

Corn, lots of corn

Family pic


Fred wants on.

Gratitude:  Since it's November, and I should think about about the good things in my life for each post of the month, I'll be saying something I'm grateful for.  It will (mostly) Arevolve around my children.  

I am grateful for my health. 

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