Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another two trips around the sun

Mommy "Style":  Yoga pants and t-shirts.  It's been a very blah weekend here.  See why in the activities section.

Accomplishments AND High/Low: A 5k on Saturday and sucessfully weathering some puke Sunday morning. Phil was sick Sunday morning.  Not for real sick, but he threw up twice in the morning.  I think breakfast was sitting on his stomach wrong and up it came.  It was pretty gross.

Activities: 5K for me in the morning followed by chicken and fries for lunch, and then we dropped Oliver off with the grandparents for the evening.  My mother-in-law got some bad news on Friday. Oliver was more than happy to provide a distraction for them.  Sunday started out great, and then around 8 Phil vomited.  And then he did it again at 9:30.  So we didn't go to the birthday party for one of his classmates.  I think I was more disappointed then he was.  Phil is always tagging along after Oliver and it seems that he hasn't been able to develop his own interests and friends.  And then I remember he's 2 and one day he'll like things completely different from Oliver.  There are already some differeces, but he still seems to follow whatever Oliver wants to do.  And the baby does too.  At 4:30, I picked up Oliver and we had a little mom and son time on the way home.  It was a great weekend (except for the puke)

Menu: Saturday: oatmeal, chicken and fries, Swedish meatballs with pasta and broccoli  Sunday: cheerios, tuna melts, and pizza for dinner.

Gratitude:  That overall, my kids are healthy.  And that when they do get sick, it is short lived and normal childhood illness stuff like rotovirus.  

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