Saturday, January 4, 2014

Not dead

But the blog sure is.

It's not really a New Year's Resolution to work on this again, more like really committing to the time and writing and publishing what is going on.  Again, it is hard because as soon as I go near the computer, Fred starts crying.  And yes I know that most people would tell me to suck it up and let him cry, but at least for me it doesn't work that way.  I do when it is really important to use the computer.

At any rate, we've moved!!!  We're no longer in the Atlanta suburbs but have moved out to Seattle for a new job with Amazon.  Yay!  (or something).  I know that I was the one who pushed Matt into to taking the job, not that he really needed the pushing but needed the reassurance that it would be okay.  It will be, but again right now is stressful.

I should probably detail it out, but honestly it has been an adventure with hopefully a good outcome maybe not all of the treasure in world like Bilbo, but a positive outcome.  The kids have mostly seemed to adjusted to the time shift and that is good.  The first night they went to bed at 9pm Seattle time and woke up 3;30 Seattle time, so not enough sleep and then they were cranky.  But I think that they're finally on the right time.  Thank goodness!

I have pictures and will post them soon.  I think once I get settled into a real house with my stuff, I will either start to love Seattle or I'll have a really strong episode of homesickness.  I was sad when we drove to the Atlanta airport, and I had to tell myself that I can do this.  Once we got here (after the day of travel) it's been fine.  Mostly.  Thursday, I got my car back and I re-did my presets on the radio.  I almost cried over that, it makes it seem so much realer than just having the kids and even the cats here.  It's acknowledging that it is unlikely that my car will go back to Atlanta, and certainly not anytime soon.  I know that we'll visit every year, but still it won't be the same.

Let's not let this die again.

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