Sunday, January 26, 2014


I have never moved across country before this move, and for whatever reason I did not research it.  Part of it was a certain amount of naivety on my part and part of it was that it completely didn't occur to me that it was something I should have researched.  

So here's my list of things that I should have done:

1.  I wish we had sold/donated all of our stuff as if we were going to be living in a ridiculously small 2 bed room apartment.  I did clean out (diaper) several boxes of toys and got rid of quite a bit of baby stuff, but it still won't be enough.  The garage stuff now has no where to go and there really isn't much of a need for it either.  I knew that we should have sold the weight stuff, but I guess I was hoping that there would be garage here, and at least at the places we've looked garages are a rarity.  I do realize that if we had gone farther into the suburbs, we would have garages, but the commute would have been too long.

2. I over-packed.  I should have limited everything that the kids and Ib  would need to two suitcases.  Instead we had three big suitcases and several carry-ons.  It was a bit silly.

3. Speaking of the plane trip: I should have had one carry-on for the kids total.  I had to much stuff and it was difficult to keep up with it.  And they were happy with one toy and they did a great job of sleeping on the plane.  

4.  I should have shipped the cats separately from us.  My dad was keeping them and I'm sure that the cats would have been fine going as cargo once we got settled into our permanent address.  With extra cost of a larger rental car and the annoyance of carrying them through the airport, I would have spent the same amount of money just to ship them.  It's been nice having them here, but the majority of the time outside cat is starting to lose her mind with being cooped up inside the apartment. 

5.  I would have done better at finding property to look at.  Overall, I did okay, but I feel that the pretty unicorn of cheap and big enough is still out there.  

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