Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One summer day

Today was a pretty good day. 

We had an appointment with the doctor for Fred's well baby 18 visit. And he is healthy and still growing but thankfully not as fast as before. I am not sure if the new office takes more or less accurate measurements but his clothes are pointing to the fact that he isn't growing as quickly. 

We ate lunch and watched FROZEN. I think I like movie as much if not more than the kids. However, we have only seen it 4 times so I still might get sick of it.  

Now we are doing one of the many shaving cream inspired Pinterest has. 

Food dye and dollar store shaving cream.   Originally, I thought I would be the one to mix the colors but thought the kids would  like the experience and texture of doing it themselves. 

And they did like it. 

I even got in on the action. 

The kids are now playing in the wading pool.  And I am glad it is summer. 

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